Asian metal craft history

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Art on the Indian subcontinent - distinguished above all by its exceptional longevity - has developed more independently of China, although it was strongly influenced by Greek sculpture during the era of Hellenistic artand latterly by the Islamic art of the Persian Mughal Empire. Judging from the mirrors' fine designs, metalworkers from this era were already using the bees-wax smelting techniques that are still in use today. The late Gothic witnessed important metalworks such as the Goldenes RosselStiftskirche, Altottingand the Thorn reliquary British Museum created in the s by French metalworkers for the Duke of Berry, to house a fragment of the Crown of Thorns. In its widest sense, the term metalwork includes any object made from metal. In Italy, aroundmetalworkers developed basse-taille enamelling - a process in which intaglio relief carving in the metal just below its surface is filled with translucent enamel. In Korea, the structure of the elegant, single-story, wooden houses and the custom of sitting on heated floors provided further impetus to the diverse and extensive utilization of wooden handicrafts. Niello First used in Egyptian artthis decorative method involves sprinkling Niello a black powder, created by fusing together silver, copper, lead and sulphur onto designs engraved on the surface of small metal objects, usually made of silver. Traditional Chinese Art Ceremonial bronzes, jade carvings, pottery, lacquerware, metal sculpture, clay statuettes, scroll painting, calligraphy and more. The art of the Indus Valley Civilization followed.


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