Young boys first puberty

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You may notice that your body has started to smell different, or smell more, especially after sports or at the end of the day. Many kids who show some of the early signs of puberty have what's known as "partial" precocious puberty. Because their skeletons mature and bone growth stops at an earlier age than normal, kids with precocious puberty usually don't reach their full adult height potential. And if your mom and dad are kind of short, you may be short, too. This is the first sign that puberty has started. Answering your questions Does everyone go through puberty? Even emotions and behavior may change in kids with precocious puberty. Puberty is the normal process that kids grow through to become adults who can have children. All of a sudden, most of you seem to be growing out of clothes and shoes at an alarming rate as you go into a full-on growth spurt.


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